Fortune Arabia sat down with the CEO of ACE Gallagher Holding W.L.L. Yolla El-Khoury, a seasoned insurance professional, certified corporate director from Harvard Business School, and Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute to shed light on the region’s upcoming trends in the insurance industry. With a career marked by a wealth of expertise in reinsurance, brokerage, and leadership, Yolla is dedicated to driving growth and fostering relationships within MENA’s insurance industry.

Fortune Arabia: How has ACE Gallagher demonstrated resilience in the face of economic challenges, and what contributed to your success as a leader?

El-Khoury: ACE Gallagher’s resilience stems from our commitment to understanding our clients’ risk profiles and business needs. We delve deep into their operations and finances to identify gaps in their insurance coverage. This knowledge enables us to offer tailored advisory and solutions that protect their assets and support their growth plans over the long run. It is all about being proactive and adaptive to our clients’ evolving needs.    

Fortune Arabia: Your client-centric approach is evident. Could you elaborate on how ACE Gallagher personalizes its solutions in line with emerging trends in the Middle East?

El-Khoury: As digitalization and AI continue to rise, clients are prioritizing cybersecurity among other key areas that have a direct impact on their bottom line. We are seeing an increase in demand for cyber liability and data breach protection insurance, which aims to reduce financial loss and safeguard reputation. Meanwhile, global supply chain disruptions have meant that some of our clients emphasize insurance that offers protection against business interruption. Other clients also seek insurance solutions to meet evolving regulatory obligations, especially in highly regulated industries. Keeping up with these trends, we work closely with clients to develop customized solutions that protect their assets and position them favorably on the path to success. Our advisors anticipate evolving risks and provide expert advice on risk management strategies. In short, we consider ourselves partners in our clients’ success stories.

Fortune Arabia: What is your perspective on the current economic climate in the Middle East region, and how is ACE Gallagher positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities?

El-Khoury: The Middle East region has been witnessing growth and diversification beyond oil and gas. This presents valuable opportunities in sectors like construction, financial industry, healthcare and technology, which require tailored insurance solutions. With our in-depth understanding of these industries and our partnership with Gallagher, we are well-positioned to provide global insights underpinned by local expertise, allowing our clients to effectively tap into emerging opportunities.

Fortune Arabia: What’s your vision for the future of ACE Gallagher in the Middle East, and how do you plan to continue growing, innovating, and striving for excellence?

El-Khoury: Our vision involves solidifying our presence in the GCC and expanding into North Africa. We will stay focused on addressing our clients’ business challenges through our expertise. We are committed to being a trusted partner for our clients, providing them with the highest level of service and solutions. Internally, we      prioritize the development and growth of our employees. Through our ESG efforts, we continue to pursue our goals in relation to gender equality, diversity, reducing inequalities, promoting good health and wellbeing and supporting education.


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